Financial Modeling & Risk Measurement

The future is unpredictable, yet companies are often required to make decisions today based on what may or may not happen tomorrow. MWM consultants apply classical probability and risk theory, combined with powerful computing technologies to help organizations analyze their risks and measure long-term financial impacts. We work closely with each client to refine the individual testing variables and universes, determine the unique spectrum of demographic and economic assumptions, and simulate a variety of futures, likelihoods, and magnitudes.

Our goal in financial modeling is to develop meaningful and significant results so clients can better prepare for the future. Depending on the company’s specific situation, we apply simulation techniques, forecast valuations, and sensitivity analysis to evaluate:

  • Annual cash flows
  • Pension liabilities
  • Asset liability modeling (ALM)
  • Retiree medical liabilities
  • Long-term disability liabilities
  • Incidence prediction
  • Reserve sufficiency
  • Risk quantification and analysis
  • Investment modeling

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